The Ultimate WIFI Solution For Your Campground/RV Park

Innovative technology that provides you with the best WIFI available, without all the cables, at prices that fit your budget

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Your Total Solution For Managing A Network

The leading outdoor WiFi provider for Campgrounds and RV Parks. Wifisite offers standardized, durable, long lasting outdoor wireless systems that beat out any competition.

Our universal wifisite hotspot management software, especially designed for managing guest WiFi access for campground and RV parks, can be used in combination with any existing WiFi network.
It is not uncommon that an average family brings more then five WiFi devices when they go camping. We know what it takes to make this work, even at the peak hours. If you need to upgrade the capacity or extent the coverage of your WiFi network, we can help you by adding our high capacity WiFi poles. Using dedicated radios with our innovative design, we don’t require burying cable to every pole. Each system is customized to fit your wireless & bandwidth requirements and is capable of integrating any pre-existing access points. Paired with our intuitive software, outdoor WiFi has never been easier to manage. Additionally, we’ve simplified the entire process by breaking it down into 5 simple steps.

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Scalable Software Solutions

User friendly, our WIFI management software is cloud based, always up to date and hosted at our datacenters, The software gives insight in what is happening on the network. It shows all the user sessions and manages the bandwith. It is also capable of monitoring the status of all access points utilizing regular updates.

Adminstration Interface

Our WiFi management software allows you to manage guest access individually, with flexibility to offer packages that are based on speed, time, and/or data. You will also be able to track the status of each individual access point remotely.

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Statistics and data traceability

For safety and security, our software logs all activity. All information is stored securely at our datacenters. Included with our software is easy access to our helpdesk, providing status information 24/7.

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Proven Technology

Utilizing our systems, Wifisite is currently connecting more than a million individual devices to the internet, and increasing that number with every system installed. All of our access-points are produced directly by Lancom Systems, a manufacturer based in Germany with over 10 years of experience producing professional WiFi access-points. Partnering with them has granted us a continued stability and quality workmanship.

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Wifisite utilizes Access Controllers to allow your network to properly communicate with the internet. These controllers also manage both your network and the guest network for maximum security.


Our systems are capable of utilizing every available internet feed in correlation with our Access Controllers. We can setup Access Controllers in multiple locations to maximize on all available bandwidth and our software seamlessly integrates everything into one easy to manage system.


Each Access Controller is capable of handling 2,045 connections (large DHCP scope). Depending on the model, it supports up to 2,045 concurrent user devices per controller.

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Reliable High-speed WIFI Connection, No Matter Where Adventure Takes You

With years of experience and utilizing innovative technology that eliminates cables without sacrificing bandwidth, Wifisite has developed an affordable WiFi solution that is standardized, durable and years ahead of the competition.

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